Changchun Long Ze Precision Optics Co., Ltd. 
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CLZ Precision Optics is one of China’s leading optical manufacturing companies. We manufacture a wide range of optical components for many different fields like Medical, Life Sciences, Defense and Aerospace and R&D. We were established in early 2012 in China’s Optical Manufacturing hub of Changchun. CLZ was founded by 4 people who have a combined 60 years of optical experience and training at Qioptiq in Singapore. After returning to their homeland, they employed their technical knowledge into optical processing. With the principles of an innovative spirit, scientific attitude, team work and honesty, the founders of CLZ have been able to grow their business quickly and successfully. CLZ’s products have a very good reputation for superb quality and fast delivery at home and abroad. We look forward to developing an extensive cooperation with our customers in the future. CLZ Precision Optics manufactures custom optical components. Our main product line is spherical lenses – including Dome lenses, Plano Convex Lenses, Plano Concave Lenses, Bi-convex Lenses, Bi-Concave Lenses, Meniscus Lenses, Spherical Mirrors and Achromatic Doublets. We use standard optical glass mainly from CDGM but can get Ohara or Schott Glass on request. We also work with Fused Silica and Silicon. Our products are widely used in display systems, projection systems, laser measurement, optical imaging, etc.



M900201optical lens
M900290optical dome
M900190optical dome
( M=制造商, E=出口商, I=进口商, S=服务商 )
Changchun Long Ze Precision Optics Co., Ltd. 
长春, 吉林省
中国 130000
  • Tel : 86-0431-8066-2082
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